Hosting & Support


In order to guarantee 100% hosting up-time for our clients, we use a website monitoring and switching service with a combination of cloud and Linux-based web hosting, this will constantly monitor your website to make sure that it is working properly at all times making sure that your website will never be offline, here’s how it works:

You will have 2 web hosting service providers:

Primary Web Hosting:  Cloud Hosting
This super-fast cloud hosting is 10x faster than your average Linux-based web hosting, so it will be able to power & load your website pages faster giving your website a professional look and feel.

Secondary Web Hosting:  Linux-based Hosting (cPanel)
This is your standard Linux-based web hosting server used primarily as a backup fail-over to keep your website up and running should your primary cloud hosting server experience any downtime.

Most hosting companies guarantee 99% hosting up-time, so there will always be moments where your hosting will have down time and go offline, so if for whatever reason your primary cloud hosting server should ever experience any downtime, the website monitoring and switching service will recognize this within seconds & automatically switch the hosting from your primary cloud hosting server to your secondary Linux-based web hosting server so that your website will always have 100% up-time, as soon as your primary cloud hosting server is back online it will automatically switch back to your primary hosting.


Support & Maintenance

Daily Website Monitoring (24h Support)
This 24 hour support for our clients gives them complete peace of mind.

Weekly Website Health Checks
Running these weekly routine health checks will remove and resolve any errors within the site.

Regular Website Audits
This will run a complete scan and check of every aspect of the website finding the minutest errors and squash those bugs.

Website Errors Removals
AKA the bug removal service, this will eliminate bugs or website design coding errors which ruins the users experience.

Website Integration & Up-scaling Features
This is a great solution for your website if it is working fine but needs a new feature integrated or additional CPU power needed for up-scaling your website. This can be accomplished without changing your current server.