Data Solutions & Management

At InterDigitel, we collect and maintain one of the world’s most consolidated and comprehensive databases of key decision makers and influencers with information covering over 40 Million business professionals. Our data is constantly verified to validate its authenticity and ensure the highest level of accuracy.

InterDigitel can profile, target and access business decision makers across a wide variety of job functions, all underpinned by research and practical experience. Our extensive and ongoing research programs give you the unique ability to build contact lists that identify individuals at all stages of the buying cycle, from pre-sales to sales-ready, in a wide range of products and services bought by businesses. We provide this information from over 170 countries, covering active and emerging markets for a complete range of corporate roles. In addition to being able to access an exceptional breadth and quality of data, working with us means you can also benefit from a wide range of segmentation services using our data to ensure your targeting is perfectly refined. InterDigitel offers a unique ability to businesses targeting both existing and emerging markets, to access the key decision makers, understand the nuances of their cultures, and develop focused and relevant content to gain their attention and engage them.

  • Data Compilation & Opt-In Process
  • Data Maintenance
  • Validation & Post Delivery Maintenance
  • Data Appending

Data Types

  • Multi Channel Marketing Data
  • Healthcare Data
  • Tech Installed Data
  • Consumer-Centric Data
  • Opt-in GDPR Compliance
  • Email Focussed Lists
  • Lead Generation data
Our Unique Trademark Services

  • Data Crafts [ List Building Services ]
  • Comprehensive focussed Lists [Custom Built Lists]
  • List Modulation & Enhancement Methodologies [Appending Services]
Multi-channel Marketing Data

This enables you to nurture leads and create customer engagement across multiple channels or touch points. It is highly significant in the digital era wherein companies can interact with customers via multiple channels both direct and indirect, in order to engage and convert them. For this, it is essential to have highly accurate up to date, validated and verified data which helps create effective content strategies to drive results and increase ROI.

By the numbers

  • 42MN


  • 11MN


  • 9MN


  • 10MN



Custom B2B, Healthcare, Technology, Manufacturing, Education, Oil and Gas, F&B, Others.

Our Data Solutions Ensure


    Append missing data


    Context alignment & data consistency


    Ensuring efficiency & adherence to standards


    Ensuring data accuracy & precision


    Check for data duplication




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