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At InterDigitel, we collect and maintain one of the world's most consolidated and comprehensive databases of key decision makers and influencers with information covering over 40 Million business professionals. Our data is constantly verified to validate its authenticity and ensure the highest level of accuracy.

InterDigitel can profile, target and access business decision makers across a wide variety of job functions, all underpinned by research and practical experience. Our extensive and ongoing research programs give you the unique ability to build contact lists that identify individuals at all stages of the buying cycle, from pre-sales to sales-ready, in a wide range of products and services bought by businesses. We provide this information from over 170 countries, covering active and emerging markets for a complete range of corporate roles. In addition to being able to access an exceptional breadth and quality of data, working with us means you can also benefit from a wide range of segmentation services using our data to ensure your targeting is perfectly refined. InterDigitel offers a unique ability to businesses targeting both existing and emerging markets, to access the key decision makers, understand the nuances of their cultures, and develop focused and relevant content to gain their attention and engage them.

Interdigitel offers Data compilation services to help in maintaining a profitable and reliable data set. We work along with you to understand and analyze the right target audience with higher prospects of customer conversions and help you compile a strong set of databases for your marketing activities.

There are four main reasons why data compilation may be required by your company.

  • The first main reason is that the target audience has been identified but contact information is not available. Hence it becomes essential to collect the contact information to reach out to the target audience.
  • Secondly, the existing data is no longer relevant and has subsequently lost its effectiveness. This happens when the data being used is from a source that is very old leading to the decay of the database and the loss of its dependability.
  • The third reason is that data though available may not be useful as it is incomplete information like the loss of complete contact number or part of the address or the email Id.
  • And lastly, due to the newer potential of the business a new target audience has been identified and contact information needs to be generated for this segment of potential customers.

At Interdigitel we compile data for your business to create data that facilitates the connectivity with the prospective customers. With the combination of human logic and Artificial Intelligence we create a focused database that is both reliable and inclusive of all the target audience.

Opt in process

Once the target audience has been identified and the customer contact information has been retrieved emails, calls and other forms of marketing activities are sent out to the customer to get consent or acknowledgment of interest in the product or service. Interdigitel helps you with the Opt-in process by generating email lists of contacts gathered by data experts based on the type of service that you offer. We can help you with sending out opt in emails to verify the permission of inclusion in the promotional email list for your specific business. Once the Opt-in consent has been received we can help you to establish a lasting and profitable relationship with your customers.A number of opt in forms that are sent out to the customers often include consent for calls and emails which is again followed up by the team to provide you with the list of customers who have given the consent for continued calls and emails.

With the right data compilation and opt in process a marketing strategy can yield an impressive number of consents help you expand your business and customer base exponentially.

For every business the management of its database related to its product and the client details is of prime importance. It is the database that helps you to track important details about your business and also helps to reach out to clients and help in improving sales enabling proper tracking of performance and market trends.

But it is needless to say that data collected over a period of time tends to clutter and lose its usability. For an organization to be able to use its data effectively the storage of the data is of importance as well. A business should be able to store large amounts of data which could be used by different departments easily when required. Storage in itself is not enough, while the volume of the data keeps increasing it is equally important all the redundant data is removed, and all erroneous data is corrected for use.

Every data needs to be sorted and stored according to its effectiveness so that it can be readily available when it is needed. Having irrelevant data means a waste of space in storage and waste of time and effort in using data that is outdated or incorrect. Hence regular maintenance of the database is a must to enhance the effectiveness of data.

How we work?

At Interdigitel, our data maintenance service not only includes the organization and regular validation to check the effectiveness and relevance of the data but we also assist our clients with data collection as well. We work closely with our clients to understand their business needs and targets to identify the target data to enhance their performance in the market.

We understand the dynamism of the market and how every business' need may vary with time. Our data maintenance plans are structured to allow expansion and change when the need arises.

We are aware of how important it is for every business to maintain the security to the access of the data related to its client profile and other data. We help you to set the permissions to allow selected persons only to have access to the database to view or make changes.

We offer regular updates and help in de-cluttering accumulated data. It is always advantageous to monitor the flow of the data and its use regularly to ensure that the data is up-to-date and is of relevance. Our data maintenance team assists in data appending and validation as well making it so much easier for you to rely on your database to help acquire newer customers or help re-establish relations with older customers.

Every Business has a database of information that is stored to be used for further use in campaigns and projects. But this means a hoard of sheets filled with data that keeps adding and getting redundant. But would it be a wise idea to keep using or discard all of the accumulated data? Definitely not! Here is where Data validation comes into the picture. The process of cleaning and validating the accuracy of the database is called as Data validation. It is done by the manual or automated steps to check the inconsistencies or gaps in the data.

Advantages of data validation

Data validation process ensures that the collected data meets the required criteria for the business and is compliant with the set rules. Upon the validation of the data, footnotes are assigned to show if the data is usable or not.

Data validation process helps in a great way to enhance the effectiveness of the data in the database. This will improve the overall outcome when the data is used for marketing campaigns or for any other project relative to the business.

With a data set that is validated the effort the time spent on using invalid or redundant data is removed thus improving productivity and the quality of the campaign for the business.

How we work

At Interdigitel we provide end to end data validation services that keep in mind the objective of your business and the relevance of the database for all the marketing campaigns or any other data requiring projects.

With an extensive database one very prominent issue is data duplication. Removal of the duplicates is one of the important steps that help to remove data that irrelevant.

We work with automated tools as well as manually to identify missing information which is then marked with footnotes to make it easier for correction or removal.

Many a time typographic errors can lead to erratic information that impacts the effectiveness of the database. We help in locating the typographic errors along with punctuation and other minor errors that improve the value of the data. The data once validated and standardized is delivered with all the relevant footnotes for you to understand it better.

Post-delivery maintenance

We understand the importance of the database for your business and how it impacts your reliability and growth in the market. We offer various related services along with data validation which will you keep your database updated.

Changes with the data are unavoidable when used constantly moreover if it is a customer contact information data then there is a good probability that the contact details would change in some time. We track the duration post validation and report the optimal time for the next validation of the data. We offer regular monitoring of the database to ensure that you have the most accurate data to help you with your business.

Data Appending is an absolute must in today's market. The success of your business and the marketing strategies depend largely on the quality of the database that you have and utilize. The data that you have had since a few months may not be valid or yield satisfactory results any longer. Data keeps changing and newer target audience keeps getting added. To be able to reach out to the right audience with your business deals regular data appending is a must. Data Appending helps refresh your database with accurate information and helps you enhance the outcome of your marketing strategies.

Data Appending services give your business the advantage of increased positive contacts with potential customers through all communication channels. It enhances the possibility of improving your customer base and cultivating better relationships with them.

How we work

Interdigitel provides end to end data appending services that encompass all your data needs including emails, phone numbers, full contact details, social profiles, and URLs.

We follow a detailed step by step procedure for data appending to ensure that you get the best services in a quick and easy way that is effective for your business. Our team will work closely with you to understand your needs and determine the best way to arrive at the results.

We segment your existing data and work on it to locate all the faulty data which is then replaced and corrected with updated data. The appended data is then verified and tested to ensure you have the correct data. It is not only data correction which is done but we add to your existing database with additional information about potential customers thus expanding the reach of your business.

Data Appending is one of the most essential requirements for day-to-day operations of every business. Interdigitel Data Appending services help you to fill in the gaps in your database as well helps to remove incomplete or redundant data.

We do not just stop our services at data appending. Tracking and reporting is an absolute necessity as well for a database for every business type. We offer regular monitoring and updating as well in order to keep your database refreshed and relevant for every marketing campaign for your business to be effective. We go above and beyond customer expectations to provide you with service that is competitive in the market as well as dependable.

Data Types

The Multi-channel marketing strategy is through which the different distributions and the promotional channels blend for marketing and in turn makes easy for the consumers to make a purchase. And at InterDigitel, our experts develop this multi-channel marketing strategy to achieve success by optimizing your data. The Procedure we practice is:

  1. We track your data to determine the effectiveness of the already implemented marketing strategies by storing the information in our huge volume of databases.
  2. Our team of experts identifies the potential channels and determines how the engagement of the customers can be enhanced.
  3. While planning a strategy for you, we ensure the effectiveness of the message that passes to the customers and makes the customer's journey through the channel convenient.
  4. We ensure that the messages are displayed across all the platforms and in all the devices.
  5. We incorporate new ideas to initiate testing of the campaign and make sure that you achieve effective results.

We, at InterDigitel, are a team of professionals who create ascendable stand-alone solutions to our clients across the fields of healthcare centers. We understand the opportunities and challenges of an organization for collecting the Healthcare data and hence we collect to process and analyze data on patients and medications. Our purpose is to provide an improved Healthcare delivery to patients by using the information on behalf of the healthcare industry.

Our Analytics accelerate your growth by ensuring the following steps:

  • We define and sort out the market for you.
  • We research on the credibility of the providers.
  • We identify the executive providers.
  • We make your CRM popular among them.

Our manual research team work incessantly and ensure that you are completely aware of your prospects in the market. We own plentiful technological resources which enable email listing to find an exact match to your business niche. These lists are verified and suit your business requirements. Hence you are empowered to secure high-quality data and enjoy the cost-effectiveness.

Moreover, you get to know everything regarding the potential customers starting from the keyword on their pages to the ads that have been spent on them. Our resources are handy and can be modified regularly. Our IT technology user list has a proven record to trigger excellent campaign responses and hence it is the best business deal for you.

Today's market is dominated by established brands. When the customers are becoming more obsessed with the big brands, it is a challenge for any organization to develop its own entity. We, at InterDigitel, develop an outstanding strategy to anticipate the customer's needs with data and analytics to direct the companies towards their goals.

The Procedure
  1. We build a Customer Lifetime Value strategy to predict their future purchases by analyzing their past behavioral data.
  2. We build your image among the customers by using the resources and learn about the target of the organization by using the first and third-party data.
  3. We identify valuable customers by going through the past records and believe in constant testing; verifying and improving our strategies to re-direct their interests in the company.

With the onset of the new regulations of GDPR Compliance, we understand the challenges faced by a company to comply with Data Privacy Regulations. InterDigitel team of professionals helps you to achieve compliance with GDPR while protecting your user's profile.

How do we do that?
  • We create a data inventory to detect unlawfully held data and identify processors.
  • We analyze and assess your compliance checklist according to your business processes.
  • We implement technical and commercial measures to restrict ourselves from using the data unnecessarily.
  • We give you the right to modify or erase the data as and when required to comply with Right to Access.
  • We comply with the Right to object to restrict us from the processing of personal data.

InterDigitel experts have a thorough understanding of strong campaign analytics. We enable the proper utilization of available resources and finally implement a campaign to meet the desired goal.

Additionally, we generate profit by going through the previous sales cycle by analyzing the valuable customer's data. We even go to the extent of discussing the business objectives with the stakeholders to explain our process to reach the company's objectives. We chalk out the ideal customers to have an understanding of their purchasing purpose. We adopt the method of asking feedback from the existing customers and detect the loyal customers. Finally, we believe that customer's data is a source of encouraging the relationship between buyers and sellers. Hence our target is to make appropriate use of such data.

The email focused inbox list helps to separate the list of important emails into two separate tabs, namely- the Focused tab and lets the rest of the emails remain in Other tab. It functions by using machine learning and by considering the actions of the user engagement. Emails with high importance from senders are considered to be placed in the Focused tab. Whereas the other emails with less importance are in the Other tab. You can also set the badge count where the unread mails can be included in the Focused List.

The goal of this email focused list quite simple. Every customer would like to serve their subscribers in a better way. And to keep them engaged, you would need relevant and impactful contents. And hence, the email focused list would help in keeping control over your inbox and mailing list which in turn would be beneficial for your reader's needs.

Our Unique Trademark Services

  • Data Crafts [ List Building Services ]
  • Comprehensive focussed Lists [Custom Built Lists]
  • List Modulation & Enhancement Methodologies [Appending Services]
Multi-channel Marketing Data

This enables you to nurture leads and create customer engagement across multiple channels or touch points. It is highly significant in the digital era wherein companies can interact with customers via multiple channels both direct and indirect, in order to engage and convert them. For this, it is essential to have highly accurate up to date, validated and verified data which helps create effective content strategies to drive results and increase ROI.
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