InterDigitel is a network of like-minded individuals and entities who share a passion for technology and understand its growing significance in the way we do business, offering our clients with unique strategies to create impact in an ever-changing and competitive digital landscape.

At InterDigitel we offer strategic integration of content and marketing campaigns across all channels and platforms to create a highly effective model that is result oriented and measurable.

From design creatives to branded content and development of digital properties to devising and executing effective digital marketing strategies, our diverse and experienced team has helped brands around the world transform their vision into reality.

The Team

Farhan Hussain


A dynamic and inspiring leader with over 10 years of experience in Marketing and Business Development having worked across various industry sectors from media services to FMCG and has been instrumental in the success of several start-up businesses.

James Fox


A versatile IT specialist with over 12 years of experience in managing operations across various industry sectors. His passion for technology coupled with his playful nature makes him an effective leader inspiring and motivating teams to exceed targets and innovate.

Nazish Masudi


With over 10 years of experience in finance and consulting, he is robust and strictly organized in every aspect of his life having an unparalleled flair for financial management and administration, delivering financial insights that shape smart and timely decisions.